Know Purpose

Brittany's Story...

Know Purpose started in summer 2014 with a simple desire to share my story in hopes others would find freedom in their own, create and sell a tee, and give away some scholarships. That’s about it. Surprisingly, the tee and its message spread pretty quickly throughout my community, and eventually other communities.

Six years later, I'm still here creating because of God's sweet goodness. I've since moved beyond the original design and expanded the team a bit, but our purpose for being here remains - creating meaningful things from the heart to the heart.

HOW WE GIVE: Since 2014 we’ve given multiple scholarships through our Made Perfect Scholarship Fund and Drew County Single Parent Scholarship Fund but after giving them we were left with a deeper question of how can make a bigger difference in even more people’s lives. How can we not only give financially - but even more so, empower. Our Let’s Gather monthly event is launching soon, and we're excited about it! Our mission is to give hand ups through education and exposure to information. We will provide insight, hands on training for specific skills that participants may not have been taught - such as basic budgeting, how to turn a passion into a business, as well as, give both emotionally and financially to meet needs of participants and lighten their load. These gatherings intend to render positive change in the community to provide educational and economical progress.